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Registration is closed! 

Please note that if you wish to join PULSE-2021, writing a motivation letter (max. 500 words) is an obligatory part of the registration. In this letter you can describe your current research work, its connection to the Learning Sciences, why you want to participate in PULSE-2021 and what you bring to the table.

Based on the motivation letter we will select a maximum of 25 participants who are invited to join PULSE-2021. This way we aim to select a small group of highly motivated PhD's and Post-docs for the PULSE symposium. Unfortunately, if you are not selected it is not possible to join PULSE-2021. 

The 25 participants that are selected will be sponsored to join PULSE-2021. This means that your fee for the symposium and stay had the hotel (2 nights, including meals) are paid for. Please note that travel costs are not included, and participants are responsible for arranging their travel.